Leather Patches

Small orders ship in 1-3 days, Large orders in 2-3 weeks

Leather patches divided to two main categories. The first one is a 2 dimensional look, hand painted art work on leather patch (also known as WWII era style) and the second is embossed art work on leather patch. Hand painted leather patch is mostly custom made to order, there is no minimum and usually if the quantity is small (one to three) this option of hand painted patch will be most economical. If you desire the 2 dimensional look (WWII era look) but you need larger quantity, after making an original hand painted patch we can create an imprint that will be heat press to a leather patch (very economical option). The other type of leather patch is the embossed leather patch, it will provide a 3 dimensional look, for a stunning presentation. Once the art work is created we will make a metal die, we will embossed (a combination of heat and pressure) the leather, than depend on client requirements we will paint the patch and spray "leather finish" to protect the patch for a life time. The embossing process (and creation of a metal die) is a bit more costly for small quantities. The die charge will be waived for any quantities over 20 patches. read more